Q: Can I purchase replacement batteries?

A: Yes – We stock only the highest quality Hawker “Genesis” batteries. Replacing your batteries with cheap or inferior batteries will severely affect the performance of your unit.


Q: Does it come with an air compressor and/or work light?

A: No – We supply high quality Jumpstarters without gimmicky accessories that drain on the units ability to jumpstart a vehicle.


Q: Do Porta Power packs come with a warranty?

A: Yes – All of our units come with a 12 month warranty. Please see the warranty tab of the Service section.


Q: There is no power at the clamps

A: Please check fuse (on fused units), and replace with spare if necessary.


Q: My unit is fully charged but it won’t start a vehicle

A: Sounds like a battery issue. Please send the Pack back to our Seven Hills head office for inspection and report.