Beware of Imitations


With so many Boosters on the market these days and with all the different amperage ratings eg HCA, CCA , CA , Peak Amps etc, it can be hard for the consumer to know exactly what they are getting for their money. With this in mind we have put together a few main points to help save you from buying a Booster that promises much but delivers little.

Clamp and Cable Size

A quick check of clamp size and cable diameter is a good guide of a Booster Packs power. Many Boosters claim big cranking amps and yet have small clamps and thin cables meaning they really don’t have much power at all. Porta Power Boosters are all fitted with welding grade cables and 800 – 1000 amp clamps to ensure maximum power transfer. In fact the batteries we use in our Boosters are far too powerful to be used in anything but our Boosters, if you used one in an inferior product the clamps and cables would melt!


The higher the amps the more the Booster should weigh. If they claim big amps and you can pick it up with your pinky finger the internal battery of the unit is questionable. Porta Power batteries are high quality AGM pure lead and are extremely powerful for their size. There are also boosters out there that you would need a forklift to pick up and are not portable.

Add Ons

There seems to be more and more boosters on the market that have accessories by the dozen! Lights, air compressors, inverters etc, etc. What’s next a TV maybe! In our experience these add ons drain an already weak battery not to mention the fact that there are more things that can now break. Porta Power Boosters are fitted (not 24v) with a 12v accessory cig plug outlet so can easily be used as a portable power unit for separately bought 12v appliances.

  • 1400 – 6200 Peak Amps
  • Starting up to 36L engines
  • We can start cars, trucks, buses, mining trucks, helicopters, tanks… and ANY other engine!
  • Welding grade cables and clamps
  • Heavy duty casing
  • Fuse protected packs