Booster Pac (USA)

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  • ES 3500 12v BOOSTER PAC (NOW: JS3500 12v / BOOSTER MAX Jumpstart)

    Item No. 1005

    “The original high performance jumpstarter”

    1600 Peak Amps
    Clamp output 850A
    16 Ah AGM Hawker “Genesis” Battery for continual jumpstarting – deep discharge recovery – longer storage life
    150cm #2 AWG grade cables
    Industrial grade “Hot Jaw” clamps
    Made for Australian conditions
    Supplied in attractive display box

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  • ES 1224 12/24v TRUCK PAC (NOW: TP1224 12/24v BOOSTER MAX Truck pack)

    Item No. 1012

    “ES 1224 has an NSN for the military and has passed all relevant Army testing requirements”

    3200/1600 Peak Amps
    Clamp output 2510/1255A
    2 x 16 Ah AGM Hawker “Genesis” Batteries
    145cm #2 AWG welding grade cables
    Industrial grade “Hot Jaw” clamps
    Will start 12v and 24v trucks and buses

    Advanced Warning System that warns user of reverse polarity connection and incorrect voltage selection 24v back to 12v

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